Registration for the Feasts of the 7th Month, Helez 




The Month of Helez 

“Therefore shall ye keep my commandments and do them : I am the LORD” 

Leviticus 22:31

The Month of Helez mirrors the 1st Month of the Biblical year. Helez holds three High Holy Days: the Memorial Blowing of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles.


The Priesthood of the House of Wisdom will be gathering to engage in each of the Feasts of the Most High. To partake in the spiritual sacrifices with the Priesthood, fill out the registration below. 


For more information on these feasts and the ones to come, follow along in your 2022-2023 Calendrical Bible Study guide which can be found at


Memorial Blowing of Trumpets | 7th Month 1st Day 


The Day of Atonement | 7th Month 10th Day 


Feast of Tabernacles/ Unleavened Bread | 7th Month 14th Day – 7th Month 22nd Day 

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