AP 4 Final Interview


Intentions, plans, thoughts about HOW, why you initially wanted to be part of the priesthood.
Intentions, plans, thoughts about HOW, thoughts about the material.
Priestly skills

Knowledge Retentions

Common theme in each covenant, sacrifices of each covenant. Emphasize 6th vs 7th Covenants.
Difference between sin & Trespass, Purpose of each sacrifice, heave and wave (and why),
How did it rise and fall? (Fall through oblations, rise through lack thereof).
Hebrews 11:1
Seasons, Solar, Lunar, Portals, Months, Intercalary Days Winds, Seasons, etc.
New Months, 7th-Day Sabbaths, Passover/Unleavened Bread, Feast of Weeks (Day 1 & Day 50), Summer & Winter
Congregation, Nethinims, Porters, Singers, Priests, King's Servants (Brethren), King

Secondary Reflections

Attendance, diligence
Skills, ability, understanding, etc.
# of Satisfactory/13, rounded to nearest whole